3/12/10: Would you like yourself, if you met yourself?

I want to stand on top of a mountain and scream fuck so loudly and release all the frustration and hurt and anger and sadness inside me, and become that happy girl again, that happy girl with no worries, no troubles, no fears. But truth is, I cant.

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It’s LeviOsa, not LevioSA.


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Many times when a door closes on us, we focus too much on the closed door that we don’t realise the many new ones that have opened for us.

Being judgemental.

As i said, life’s a bitch. Here’s one reason why.

People judge, people fucking judge.

Let me illustrate some examples.

#1)Now i bet alot of you out there are thinking i’m some emo kid that is ranting about everyday chores and emo-ness and all. But no, know what? I’m actually realy bubbly and outgoing, believe it or not. Its just life has its ups and downs, isn’t it?

#2)You dont know this person. But you’ve heard about him/her from your friends, eg. she’s a bitch, he’s an ass, etc. When one day this person befriends you, i’m damn sure you’d have already judges him/her, you’d see him/her with tainted sight and wont befriend this person with a true heart.

Thats just two examples for you, and many more.

Life’s a bitch. People are the best actors, ever. Will there be a true relationship, ever?

What are your views? Or ever had such encounters?



25/11/10: Everyone are born actors. They act, they scheme, they use underhand methods to get their way around things, to emerge victorious. Your best friend might well be the one stabbing you in the back. Your BFF might well be the one spreading rumours about you, yet you foolishly complain and whine to her about all the shit that is happening. Cruel? Well yeah. But hey, THATS LIFE. THAT IS FUCKING LIFE. Everyone is selfish, they just think of their own self interests and they wanna win. Who’s gonna care about you? No one. Everyone are born actors. Having a different role when with different people. Life’s a bitch. You just have to get your way around it.

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24/11/10: Mood (Loved and lost)

I’m sorry for the lag in updates. I have been busy with my exams. Will be updating regularly now. Today was a rollercoaster day. I gained valuable lessons. I learnt that there are bound to be losses in your life, criticism you have to face. But end of the day, what you have to do, is brace yourself, be strong, and show the world that you can make it and these wont knock you down.

With love,

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Hi new readers. This blog, is created for me, to express my inner most feelings. Be it happiness, joy, sadness, pain, anger, jealousy and what not. You get the picture. It will be a platform for all you people out there to share your secrets and pains and emotions, also allowing you to be anonymous. Spread this blog to your friends, let them know. Cos everyone needs a space to vent, to throw out their emotions, and it is better than keeping it inside.

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18/10/10: Mood (Lost)

Have you out there, ever lost a friend? Was it a friend? Two friends? Or more? In my case, i’m quite pathetic, i think i’d say. I’ve lost a handful. To only one reason: Treasuring too much. Today, I lost a friend. A friend who has been there for me, through my ups and downs over the whole span of 2010. This friend approached me, talked to me, and left me. Was it wrong of me, to have treasured this friend so much? To have just wanted the love from this friend more? To just feel special to this friend? Dont everyone just want to feel special to someone? To feel like you are a somebody, to feel that you mean something to someone? Thats all i wanted to. But it turned out to be annoying. It turned out to be, the reason for this friend to leave me. This friend said she/he treasured our friendship in the earlier span of the year, but only to slowly realise that we were growing apart. I was confused, because everyday i’m trying to take a step closer and deeper into this friendship. But perhaps i took too big steps, that she/he started to take steps backwards, further backwards. Slowly but surely, i retreated. But i guess it was too late. The gap was too wide. It was like a valley in between two mountains. I dont know if i should see it as a loss, or a gain. I lost a friend, i lost security, i lost my place. I dont know what to do, or how to face them anymore. But what i’ve gained, i’ve learnt to treasure those i have around me, to realise who has been around me, a wake up call, to maybe a character or personality change. Yeah it was heartwrenching, tears flowed, and there was a last gift. I threw the last gift away, i guess. Its time to start anew. 2011, a new start, hopefully, a better beginning.

Have you, lost a friend?